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Jeep Excursions - Tissamaharama ancient Temple, Ruines in Tissamaharama and Katharagama Shrine

Tissamaharama Temple and ruins which the history goes back to 3rd century BC and was built by Sinhalese kings who made Tissamaharama as the country’s capital. So, this is a significant place not to be missed. Next you will be visiting Katharagama Shirine which Hindus and Buddhist worship for Lord Skanda and believed to be a place with miracles. And Muslims believe it’s a place attached to mysterious being “Al Khidr”. Katharagama is a place worshiped by many religions of people in Sri Lanka. Hindu’s and Indigenous Vedda’s make a walking pilgrimage trip to Katharagama every years known as “Padayathra” through the thick jungles of Kumana and Yala during the month of July where Kataharagama grand festival and procession is held. Finally you will be provided with Tea refreshment in a village home with local sweet meats. Trip duration is 3 hours.

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